My Fat Newts

I figured I would post a few pictures of my eastern newts.  They seem to be doing quite well. I have had these guys in my terrarium for about 9-10 months now.  There are actually 5 in the tank but only three were out and posing for pictures. They are finding plenty to eat, even to the point of stuffed bellies.  The only thing I need to do to keep the tank in good order is to throw in some random seeds now and then and occasionally I toss in some food scraps that get broken down by the composers (pill bugs and slugs at the moment). Other than that the tank requires pretty much no maintenance, just some occasional water dumped into the corners to keep things moist. 

Also, if you like the above pictures take a look at this video I got of one of the newts hunting a few weeks ago.  Really cool tongue attack. 
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