The great snowman of 2012/2013

Every year for the past few years my siblings and I have gone out after the first snowfall of pack-able snow and crafted large snowman. Every year our creations have gotten bigger and bigger and this year was no exception, it is certainly the largest snowman we have crafted yet.

Unfortunately last winter lacked the necessary snowfall to create one of our giants. Below you will find an album with pictures of the finished snowmen from previous years followed by another album with way too many pictures from this years build, it should answer some of the common questions we get asked about how we get the head on and such. This years build took about 3 hours to complete and we were just about frozen completely through by the end.

One of the best part of making colossal snowmen is the reaction we get from other people.  We generally get dozens of people stopping their cars to take pictures or look and because we live so close to an elementary school bus drives stop in front of the house with busloads of little kids to enjoy our work.  A few years ago we even noticed that more buses were stopping than generally pass the house in the morning indicating that bus drivers were rerouting a little bit to show the kids the snowman!

Enjoy the pictures and let us know what you think in the comments!

Completed Snowmen from years gone by:

All pictures from 2012/2013:

Edit:  Our snowman has attracted tourists.  People are randomly stopping and posing with it.

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