2013 State of the Union Live Blog


Hello everyone, I am going to attempt live blogging for the first time ever during tonight’s state of the union.

I am currently watching the fox coverage because that is what is coming in the best over our antenna at the moment.

I will be updating as I have thoughts about what is being said.

9:02:  There was brief mention of the energy secretary being the person outside of the area in case something were to happen.  Personally, I find it silly that someone so far down the line of succession is the person in place to take over in a worst case scenario.  It should always be the VP.

9:09: A few minutes late the President starts his long walk to the podium. I really really hope that this year they are a bit more disciplined about applause but I highly doubt it.

9:14 Obama finally makes it to the podium as Fox talks about Obama’s inability unite Washington and follow through on his campaign promises of non-partisanship. Like this is really an option with the Congress we have today.

9:16: “The constitution makes us not rivals for power but partners for progress” – JFK
If only that were true.

9:18: Obama claims that we have the strongest consumer protections ever. I guess he didn’t get the memo about how abused consumers are in the telecommunications markets.

9:20: The applause is really ridiculous.  It just emphasizes how much this has become a pageant.

9:22: Thank goodness that Obama states outright that cutting other social programs and education to avoid “defense” spending is a bad idea.

9:23 Every time I see Michelle Obama’s new haircut I cant see anything but limecat –

9:25: “We must keep the promises we have already made” Disappointing that this needs to be said.

9:25: “Why would we choose to make deeper cuts to education to protect special interests and tax breaks for the wealthiest 1%?”  I don’t know why so many people are in favor of this but it is quite sad that this is the case.  Quite scary to be honest.

9:26: Obama is talking about tax reform to simplify the tax code.  Whatever president gets this done in a real and serious manner and truly brings the tax code into the realm of reasonable will stand out in history as one of the most effective presidents.

9:28: “Deficit reduction alone is not an economic plan”  “Job growth needs to be our north star”  Looks like someone did not read my article about why the jobs are not coming back over the long term. Where are all the jobs?

9:30: Obama is talking about bringing manufacturing jobs back to the United States. This is so incredibly short sighted putting so much focus on this.  Manufacturing is not a long term plan for jobs growth.  Automation simply will not allow it.

9:31: Obama claims that he wants to fund 3d printing research to bring about the new a new era of American manufacturing to create jobs. Because nothing says job growth like a surge in personal fabrication and manufacturing. /sigh  Take a look at this video and see the future:

While this is likely not exactly how this technology will be realized the general idea is something that we can pretty much expect.  I fail to see how continuing down this path could possibly be a good thing for manufacturing jobs. Embarrassing reasoning.

9:35:  Obama will direct his cabinet to develop executive actions to deal with climate change soon if congress fails to act.  About damn time.

9:37: Lets cut in half the energy wasted by our homes and businesses over the next 20 year.  I cant wait to own my own home so I can install smart outlets to that connect to a central hub to control and program the entire house.

9:39: It is about time that we started focusing on our embarrassingly crumbling infrastructure.  This is long long long overdue. Bring home our entire military and put them to work rebuilding and renewing our national infrastructure.

9:41: “The sooner a child begins learning the better they do down the road”  The number one thing that we can do as a nation to focus our efforts in the right way is to ensure that every child is ready to enter kindergarten before they get there. Doing all we can to ensure this will improve so many domains of life.

Obama announces an initiative to work with states to provide high quality preschool for every child.  This is about time.

9:44: Higher education – “Skyrocking costs price too many young people out of a higher education or saddle them with too much debt” Yup. “Tax payers cant keep subsidizing higher and higher costs” Obama asks congress to change the higher education act so that affordability and value helps determine which schools can receive aid. Controversial but at a first glance I am happy about this.

9:46: Time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform.  Fortunately Obama begins this discussion with mentioning drastically increasing boarder security which is the only way doing anything about immigration makes any sense.  Unless this problem is addressed first nothing else really has any worth.

9:49:  Violence against women act – This is embarrassing that we are still putting in place legislation with such discriminatory titles.  What is wrong with a gender neutral legislation.  Equal is equal or it is not.

9:51:  $9.00 minimum wage + linking minimum wage with the cost of living so that there is no need to regularly wait for congress to raise it while CEOs get regular billion dollar bonuses.  About time, it is ridiculous that this is not already handled this way. Create some measure of cost of living based on a number of commodities and housing and transportation costs and tie the minimum wage proportionately to this.

9:59: New executive order to fight cyber crime through information sharing.  Should be able to protect our information networks in a non-partisan effort.

10:00: Trans Atlantic trade with the European union going to get a boost.

10:01: We will work with allies to eradicate extreme poverty by connecting more to the global economy and empowering women around the world.

10:02 I just realized how useful the applause that I hate so much has actually been in my being able to get thoughts out quickly without missing too much because I was typing.  Ha.

10:04: Equal benefits for all servicemen and equal benefits for all military families. Gay and straight.  About time this was addressed so directly.

10:06: Obama is addressing the issues with voting.  Not surprising that the Republicans did not stand and applaud for this one.  Shameful.

10:09: Gun reform through appeals to emotion. Stop referencing children by name when trying to argue for gun reforms.  This is a shameful tactic.

Good alliteration on this but still tainted by the earlier appeals to emotion.  Blah.

10:14: Meh, personal stories about people.  Get back to policies and issues and stop trying to use anecdotes to appeal to people.

10:15: State of the Union concludes.  I’ll possibly add more commentary if the analysts are as ridiculous as I expect them to be.

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