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So I just ran into a little bit of a problem when trying to burn an ISO file to a Memorex DVD+RW disk.

I have been using DeepBurner for years and have never had any trouble. I checked my DVD burner to make sure that it was compatible with +RW disks before trying to burn my file. Unfortunately once I put the disk in, selected my file, and clicked the Burn ISO button I received the following error message.

Burn failed

I tried googling around a bit but either there was no clear simple answer or my google-fu failed me this time. Anyway, I started thinking about the problem and looked closely at the error message. Medium not formatted? Well, that sounds like I just need to format the DVD.  Although I have never had to do this before I started poking around in the options a bit to see what I could find.

Unfortunately I did not see anything about formatting a disk on my first pass through the options but I did notice an option to “Erase”.

Recorder >> Erase >> Full erase

I figured what the hell, lets give it a shot. I popped in a DVD, tried to burn once more and received the same error message as my first few attempts and then selected the “Full erase” option.

For at least 10-15 minutes it did not look like the program was actually doing anything, there were no active progress bars, no count downs or timers, but I just let it be for a while and waited.

Eventually I got a message “Erase done” and gave burning the file another shot. Sure enough, this time it worked! Most importantly, the ISO file worked as well!

Hopefully anyone else having trouble with this issue will find this page in their search results and have their solution!

Let me know in the comments if you gave this a try and if it worked for you!

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