Android Game: Monster Warlord

Level 166 as of 6/18/2013 add me @ 509 842 0904
Post your codes in the comments! 

Monster Warlord is an up and coming game published by GAMEVIL, grab it here:

Once you get set up come join us on Reddit at

This is essentially a monster collection and combat game.  The premise is pretty simple. You are navigating a strange new world guided by an NPC named Mika.  There is a long quest line (quest being a fairly generous word here) with new quests and areas opening up as you level. Some quests give high money rewards while others provide an opportunity to capture a monster.  Both types of quest give experience points equal to the energy necessary to complete the quest.

Other than quests players can earn experience through PVP combat. You can select someone to attack from your rivals list. The outcome will be determined by your total attack vs their total defense. I find that it is generally a safe bet to stick to attacking individuals with a lower alliance count than you, although you will run into individuals with lots of powerful monsters and a low alliance count from time to time. While quests use energy, combat uses stamina.  Each successful attack will net 1-5 experience points while each failed attack will yield only 1.  Successful defenses will grant 1 experience point.

As you progress you will want to build alliances because for each person you have as an ally you can use 6 more monsters for attacking and defending. When you get set up definitely add me with this code, 509-842-0904, I accept everyone as soon as I notice the alliance invitation. If you have more monsters than your alliance count allows your best monsters will be selected based on your chosen action, if you are attacking your monsters with the highest attack will be chosen first, if you are defensing your best defensive monsters will be chosen.

Every time you level you will gain 3 stat points to allocate in one of 5 categories, Attack, Defense, Health, Energy, or Stamina. Personally, I see absolutely no reason to put stat points in attack, defense, or health.  The monetary cost to restore health is too low for this to be of any use, at most it will just allow someone to attack you longer and take more of your money. Attack and defense bonuses gained from stat points are minuscule compared to what you get from monsters so again this is a complete waste in my opinion. Really it comes down to Energy and Stamina and whatever ratio works best for you.  At this point I just broke level 71 and am using a steady ratio of 2 points in stamina and 1 point into energy every level.  Although I did put all 3 points into energy after 2 or 3 levels throughout my time playing.

You absolutely need energy to be able to progress quest wise but really the experienced gained from combat is much much better. Further, the extra stamina goes a long way towards combat against world bosses, something I will elaborate on later.

More to come.

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