Monster Warlord - Monster Farming Guide

Monster Warlord – Monster Farming Guide

Level 166 as of 6/18/2013 add me @ 509 842 0904
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Some more information compiled into one post for everyone. This time I focused on monster farming and the locations/monster rewards for all of the monster capture quests I had information for. As always, things are a work in progress so if you have information I am missing or notice an error please let me know in the comments and I will update/correct asap.

Monster Hunting
Energy/Exp: 5
Monster: Red Eye (Uncommon) (Fire)
AT: 16
DF: 12

Scout Scum Pond
Energy/Exp: 5
Monster: Tutla (Uncommon) (Water)
AT: 11
DF: 18

Pass Final Test
Energy/Exp: 5
Monster: Battle Bee (Uncommon) (Air)
AT: 19
DF: 10

Eastern Seaside
Defeat Sea Monsters
Energy/Exp: 6
Monster: Tiga (Uncommon) (Earth)
AT: 10
DF: 21

Investigate Tent of Darkness
Energy/Exp: 6
Monster: Devcat (Uncommon) (Dark)
AT: 22
DF: 9

Defeat Pirates
Energy/Exp: 6
Monster: Poppin (Uncommon) (Holy)
AT: 8
DF: 24

Western Rock Face
Towards Mysterious Power
Energy/Exp: 10
Monster: Hellhound (Rare) (Fire)
AT: 48
DF: 36

Meet Wind Spirit
Energy/Exp: 10
Monster: Cannibal Clam (Rare) (Water)
AT: 34
DF: 53

Awaken Rock Spirit
Energy/Exp: 10
Monster: Green Eye (Rare) (Air)
AT: 58
DF: 31

Southern Wetlands
Sea Devil
Monster: Rock Monster (Rare) (Earth)
AT: 29
DF: 62

Defeat Crocodiles
Monster: Skell Soldier (Rare) (Dark)
AT: 67
DF: 26

Defeat Revived Nightmare
Monster: Holy – Joker (Rare) (Holy)
AT: 24
DF: 72

Twilight Valley
Defend Final Restriction Line
Energy/Exp: 20
Monster: Flame Bomber (Epic) (Fire)
AT: 145
DF: 110

Battle of Fate
Energy/Exp: 20
Monster: Naga (Epic) (Water)
AT: 100
DF: 160

Monster Battle Competition
Energy/Exp: 20
Monster: Battle Bird (Epic) (Air)
AT: 175
DF: 95

Flame Valley
Search Soul of Spark
Energy/Exp: 21
Monster: Ogre (Epic) (Earth)
AT: 86
DF: 185

Investigate the Last Temple
Energy/Exp: 21
Monster: Black Magician (Epic) (Dark)
AT: 200
DF: 80

Fight Against the King of Fire
Energy/Exp: 21
Monster: Unicorn (Epic) (Holy)
AT: 70
DF: 215

Stormy Hill
Fear Test
Energy/Exp: 30
Monster: Demon (Legend) (Fire)
AT: 435
DF: 330

Treat Hurt Monster
Energy/Exp: 30
Monster: Cracken (Legend) (Water)
AT: 300
DF: 480

Fight Against the King of Storm
Energy/Exp: 30
Monster: Giant Bird (Legend) (Air)
AT: 525
DF: 285

Underground Cave
Study Underground Creatures
Energy/Exp: 31
Monster: Big Tentacle (Legend) (Earth)
AT: 260
DF: 555

Sympathize with Monster
Energy/Exp: 31
Monster: Chinese Vampire (Legend) (Dark)
AT: 600
DF: 240

Defeat Monster of Darkness
Energy/Exp: 31
Monster: Griffon (Legend) (Holy)
AT: 210
DF: 645

Ice Valley
Save Castaway Peter
Energy/Exp: 40
Monster: Salamander (Ancient) (Fire)
AT: 1310
DF: 990

Glacier Exploration
Energy/Exp: 40
Monster: Undine (Ancient) (Water)
AT: 900
DF: 1440

Fight Against the King of Snow
Energy/Exp: 40
Monster: Ballock (Ancient) (Air)

AT: 1580
DF: 860

Ancient Relic
Defeat Time Devil
Energy/Exp: 41
Monster: Devil Worm (Ancient) (Earth)
AT: 780
DF: 1670

Find Treasure of Ancient Heroes
Energy/Exp: 41
Monster: Vampire (Ancient) (Dark)
AT: 1800
DF: 720

Defeat Ancient Devil
Energy/Exp: 41
Monster: Sphinx (Ancient) (Holy)
AT: 630
DF: 1940

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