The Death Penalty – There Is Nothing Even Remotely Close To A Reasonable Argument In Favor Of The Death Penalty

The Texas death chamber in Huntsville.
People are scary as hell. No, I am not talking about death row inmates. I am talking about you, the average everyday human.  Seriously, many of you people you people are mind-bogglingly scary. Today a discussion broke on on Reddit after someone shared a horrible image of a man sucker punching a much older man in the side of the head. 
Eventually the discussion lead to the perpetrators ID and the fact that he is a repeat violent criminal who “wears his history of violence, assault and prison sentences like a badge of honor”. When one individual suggests that the death penalty might be warranted, another exclaims “Exactly. It sickens me how we waste money imprisoning people like this who thrive on the lifestyle”. This is where things take a terrifying turn.  Here are some select responses to someone pointing out that, due to the high cost of the appeals process, it actually costs more to execute someone than it does to imprison them for the remainder of their life:

“The solution to that is so simple: no Death Row. Sentence is passed and carried out same day.


Rope is cheap and re-usable. They knew how to handle this in the old days….
“Fuck all that. Two shots to the back of the head. Way cheaper.
“Ideally, repeat offenders would just get put down immediately.”
“That’s because we allow them too many appeals. It would be extremely easy to lower the cost. Give them a couple years of appeals and then hang them.”
Seriously? The death penalty, as it is utilized today, is a stain on our already embarrassing criminal “justice” system. Until we go 20+ years without a single wrongful murder conviction there is no conceivable argument in favor of the death penalty that does not intrinsically make the case that murdering some innocent people is perfectly fine and justifiable as long as we kill some bad people too.  For some reason a sizable portion of our population just does not feel that life in prison is enough of a punishment, they need violent retribution to quell their emotional response to the situation, savages.
However, please take another look at the quotes sampled above. It is extremely important to examine the implications of what these people are advocating.  Their bloodlust is so high that they are honestly making the case that we should remove some, or all, of the protections that attempt to prevent any more innocents from being executed than already are.  Seriously think that through for a second. What these people are advocating is much much different than simply being in favor of the death penalty. Without a perfect justice system (which we do not and likely never will have) these people are literally arguing that we should make it easier to accidentally kill innocent people as collateral damage if it means we can kill more bad people for cheaper.  
That is horrifying. I feel like much of the world never thinks shit through past their initial emotional reaction to things and that is why you people are just as terrifying, if not more so, than the violent criminal that is spending his life in prison. You people vote.
This isn’t even getting into the fairly obvious issues with the death penalty even if you are in favor of utilizing it as a means of punishment. In what possible way is the death penalty worse than spending out the rest of your life in a small single person prison cell in relative isolation? Not only is this a substantially worse “punishment” in my opinion but it does not have the potential of making an irreversible mistake taking an innocents  life.
Don’t even get started arguing that prison life is too comfortable. If that is what you are worried about there is absolutely no reason to approach the topic of the death penalty.  Advocate for changes to prison life that are more suited to your preferences.
If anyone thinks they have a compelling argument in favor of the death penalty in general, but more specifically in removing/reducing the appeals process, which is not implicitly argue that “ accidentally” killing innocents in the process is just fine I would love to hear it. Good luck.
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