Monster Warlord: Dungeon Information

Monster Warlord: Dungeon Information

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I am sure that many of you, like myself, are waiting in eager anticipation for the Dungeon based update to Monster Warlord.  Earlier this week GAMEVIL finally released some concrete information about what this update will entail and it looks like it is going to be interesting. The following is taken right from the Monster Warlord Facebook account.

The long awaited DUNGEON is COMING SOON!!What does lie ahead of this world of darkness?
Encounter monsters at the tail end of the dungeon!Gather forces, defeat monsters, and receive monsters based on rank!

  1. While questing, a random event will trigger the Dungeon mode!
  2. You can also join a Dungeon that another player found (The max number of participants per dungeon is 200.)
  3. Rank is determined by damage contribution. You may receive Uncommon to the top monsters based on your ranking.
  4. Find the Dungeon and you’ll receive a reward!
  5. Deliver the final blow to the boss and you’ll receive a reward!

Assemble the best monster squad and dominate the dungeon!
Defeat the evil monsters inside and be the ultimate Monster Warlord!!

It will be interesting to see if the likelihood of triggering a dungeon is different based on the quest you are running or if the dungeons are only pseudo random and somewhat based on the level of the quest that triggers it. I am sure that after a few days enough information will be collected to figure this out and once that happens I will update this post with that and any other information we find out upon the release up the update.

It would be wonderful if this was designed in a way to help those towards the middle/back of the pack but the general development of the game since I started playing does not seem to bode well for this possibility.

EDIT: 6/18/2012

Well, the update has been released and I think it is safe to say that it is somewhat of a bust so far.  The fast majority of the dungeons I have been seeing have been timing out before the boss is killed.  The one I was participating in that did reach completion gave me an F grade for contribution and I got 0 reward for it.

Safe to say I will not be wasting my stamina on these until there is a change or someone points out the optimal strategy for them (which I will update this page with if one arises).

Oh well, back to the grind!

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