Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Minecraft: Part 2 - Sheep

Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Minecraft: Part 2 – Sheep

In my previous post in this ongoing series I outlined some of my plans regarding the growth and reproduction of grass through various changes to the dirt, grass, and tall grass blocks.

Now lets think about animals. Animals are more complex, they are going to need a hierarchy of needs. Lets make our sheep pretty simple and give them 2 needs, food and reproduction. Hunger/energy is already in the game. Now we just need to apply it to animals as well. Lets use tall grass as our food source and sheep as our animal.

Lets say that sheep have a maximum of 5 hunger points and that they use up a certain number of these per day. Lets also say that each tall grass block that the sheep consumes grants the sheep .5 hunger points.
Now lets look at reproduction, make it so that a sheep can only seek out another sheep for reproduction when their hunger points are 4 or higher and that they can only accept advances for reproduction when their hunger points are 3.5 or higher. Have reproduction cost each participant 2 hunger points.
Now add some age factor to the sheep and add some weights to both hunger and reproduction. Make it so that over time the rate at which the sheep uses his hunger points increases until eventually it is incapable of sustaining itself and dies when it runs out of points. Weight reproduction fairly high after a certain point and then increasingly so to the point where the animal will sacrifice itself to reproduce given the opportunity if it has been around long enough.
There you have a reasonable approximation of really basic life. Then from here slowly add organisms and complexity.
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