Fossil Hunting

Fossil Hunting

Rachel and I have taken up fossil collecting as a hobby and have made two trips to Bayfront Park together and I just went a third time on my own this afternoon. After having been searching by hand the past two trips, I spent some time recently building a sieve to help speed the search up. Here is an image of the device I built:


It is not a perfect construction but it is actually pretty sturdy and held up really well for the first trip.  It has a 1/4 inch wire mesh, which is actually a bit too big. I will order some 1/8th inch mesh soon and put together another sieve for the next trip and we will use them both in tandem to optimize results.

Here are my finds from today in about 1.5 hours on my own:



There is apparently an old shipwreck out in the bay somewhere that was carrying a large shipment of glass beads so they turn up mixed into the sand and shells on the beach at Bayfront as well. Here are all of the fossils we have found in our 3 total trips (2 with 2 people and 1 solo).


Overall the efficiency of finding larger teeth went way up when working with the sieve, I am excited to get back out there with the second, smaller mesh. Hopefully I’ll get another chance to go out there before it gets too cold and I need to wait for spring.

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