Cleaning up the site and renewed motivation

Hello everyone!

So  I have renewed my domain name for the next 4 years and have just helped set up a website for my amazing fiancee through the hosting I already had set up for this site.  Essentially these two things guarantee that will be up and running for a reasonable amount of time going forward.  This has driven me to consider being more active with updating, maintaining, and developing this website.  I am not sure exactly what I will do with it other than attempt to be a more active writer but time will tell.

I have recently decided that I am in no rush to go back to school and begin working on my Ph.D. I love my current job and am very happy with my current work/life balance.  Further, Rachel is starting her Ph.D. program in about 10 days and it would be somewhat nice to stagger things a bit so we are not both dirt poor at the same time. In the meantime I think I am going to set myself a goal of picking a topic and researching and writing essentially a paper or lit review on it either every 2 weeks or every month.  This should be a surefire way to ensure that the site has fresh content and is growing as well as the added benefit of keeping my mind sharp and continuing to build my knowledge of psychology, science, technology, and the world. Historically the posts on this site has been rapid fire with my having an idea and just needing to get it out of my head asap. We’ll see how actually taking time, planning, and developing what I am going to write about will change the quality of the content and my experience running the site.

If anyone has any interesting topics to suggest I research/write about please let me know in the comments! Ideal would be someone suggesting something based on a conversation we have had in the past or what they know to be my general interests but if someone wants to take a stab at it from just looking at the other content on the blog I encourage anyone to do so.


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