Project Gorgon - Mapping Project

Project Gorgon – Mapping Project

Project Gorgon is an amazing new game being developed that I stumbled upon the other day.  I have never had the opportunity of getting into a game so early in development that a lot of the resources we (I) have come to rely on don’t exist.  So I took it upon myself to begin a mapping project. For starters I am going to begin collecting information and putting it onto a Photoshopped copy of the map from the game.  Over time I will add to this and eventually transfer it over to its own google maps project.

For now, keep in mind that the maps in game are not actually 100% accurate to the terrain.  Because of this I ended up deciding to make the point of interest (POI) for each item on the map as close as I could estimate the circle of my identifying mark on the map was when standing right next to the POI. Because of this, there may be NPC’s that look like they are outside of a building/town just from looking at the image but if you get to the point they are actually inside of it.

So, without further delay, here is my progress so far.  Full review and the beginning of guides for the game coming soon.

Click for full size so you can read the text.

Serbule + Eltibule

Color coding is a bit wonky at the moment but generally:

Red = NPC

Blue = Zone

Green = Monster of interest/ Boss

Please make comments about various POI’s that I am missing and I will make an effort to add them as soon as I can.


Edit: 8/15/2014

Thanks to the wonderful and appreciated help of Lyramis, Jasc, and Azazel I was able to draw complete maps of the Crypts.  I am very happy to share the rough drafts with everyone. I will be going on vacation as of tomorrow so I do not suspect I will be able to work on this or play the game until at least next Sunday.  Enjoy the maps and I hope you find them useful.

Level 1:

Crypt 1

Level 2:

Crypt 2


Edit: 8/27/2014

Thanks you Lyramis’ help I was able to map out the Goblin Dungeon that can be accessed from the fortress in the middle of the map in Eltibule. Interestingly, I got knocked outside the map for a few min and was walking on the tops of the tunnels.  I could still tab target things and I discovered that there is a section of the zone that exists, has mobs, and seems to have a port to the outside world as well as a portal to somewhere else through a “Tight Passage” maybe this is a portal to a level 2 of the Gob Dungeon that just has not been opened up yet? Time will tell.  Here’s the map:



Edit: 9/1/2014


Last night we did some more adventuring and this time we went out and cleared the Mushroom dungeon that can be accessed by clicking on any of the weird tall mushroom guys out in the world and talking to them.  This adventure included McNasty, Lyramis, Maggot and myself.

We has 2 nice drops but I have not been taking screenshots of our escapades to include with the maps, I may have to start doing that in the future.  Here is the map I drew.  I think the bends are a bit off, its harder to estimate the bends in the road rather than when there are just right angels everywhere.




Edit: 9/1/2014

I spent the morning doing more exploring and tried my hand at the dungeon under the hand.  This was not that difficulty of a dungeon as long as I kept it to 2-3 mobs at a time.  The boss at the end at the second floor was easy and dropped some nice loot. The boss on the first floor still seemed a bit too difficult for me so I didn’t attempt it. Here are the maps. Beware of the Acid.


Image (3)Image (4)

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