Maryland candidate posts early vote count to twitter: Why early voting is subversive to the democratic process and helps big money more than the average Joe



The other day I was checking my twitter feed and was shocked to see a party break down of voters who have turned up to early voting at my local civic building.  After some digging around I realized that this is not someone behaving outside the rules or sharing some kind of privileged information.  It turns out that there is quite a bit of analysis regarding early vote counts each election cycle, here is a link to an article by The Washington Post: Democrats rebound in early vote count. So, what is the problem with this?

Maybe in days gone by this type of thing would not have been a problem or may not have presented any opportunities for abuse of the information.  However, in today’s high speed information world with superpacs tossing money around like Daddy Warbucks I can see quite a few issues popping up from this information being publicly available for early voting.  Take a look at the image above, the voter turn out at this particular location is overwhelmingly Democrat.  Yay for the Democrats, right? Well, this information combined with other poling data and historic voting data basically means that the republicans can concede this race based on early voting turn out alone and allowing them to focus their money and efforts on other areas that have closer party turn out ratios.  Personally, I feel that this is extraordinarily counter to the democratic process. I am sure there are countless examples of landslide turn outs for both sides and doubtless every party, organization, superpac, and individual with money looking to influence the system in their direction is looking for that key spot where they get the most return on their money and effort.

It’s bad enough that so much of election coverage and campaign focus comes down to battle ground states for the big elections, we should not be utilizing a system which facilitates this shameless perversion of the democratic process on all levels of government, big and small.



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