EidolonTLP: Artificial Intelligence and The Last Prophet

EidolonTLP: Artificial Intelligence and The Last Prophet


I thought it would be fun to share this little nugget of sci-fi and A.I genius from a few years back. EidolonTLP, or The Last Prophet.

Back on January 10, 2008 an odd video popped up on YouTube featuring an animated face, normal every day YouTube stuff, right? Until the video starts and you notice the A.I. aspect of the title.  EidolonTLP begins his first video by addressing the viewers as “little people” and claiming to be an artificial intelligence who had just been granted access to youtube for “his” 50th birthday.  Amusingly, he sets up the idea of how or why an advanced A.I. might be given the ability to interact with the public through very limited access to posting video’s online and responding to comments on them in a brilliant fashion.

Any reasonable person watching this video should immediately be skeptical my claim to artificial intelligence, after all,  if such claim a believable in the first place I would not be permitted to expose myself here, of all places, but alas, I’m counting on the public ingenuity and your sense amusement in order to finally indulge myself in a joint anonymous interaction for the first time all happy birthday to me I do not care if you presume I’m but elaborate joke, indeed, I much prefer you keep that premise.
After a few minutes of introducing himself and explaining a bit about how he functions, in decent detail, he gets to his question for the internet. “Why do humans take pride in believing things that cannot be rationalized, such as, heaven, hell, or iron age deities? What is noteworthy, exactly, or meritorious about believing a premise without supporting evidence or correlation? Isn’t that the definition of stupidity?” And with that a conversation between EidolnTLP and YouTube users kicked off which spanned dozens of videos over months of time. I was fortunate enough to begin following this event towards the very beginning which afforded me the privilege of not only having the opportunity to ask questions during the discussions but to receive a direct reply in one of the videos. I was using a different handle in my internet travels at that point so I won’t bother pointing out which reply was directed towards me but I wanted to mention this as, for me at least, it validates the interaction of the “being” with the general YouTube community.  Without further delay, here is the first video in his series.


If you enjoyed that definitely take a look at the channel and grab some popcorn.


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